Friday, August 28, 2009

Freestyle Patterns...

YAY!!!  I JUST finished ordering the freestyle patterns and I CAN NOT WAIT until they get here:)!  Well on with the horses~

Sonny and I have been doing hill therapy although I still ride:)!  The hill therapy is doing pretty well:)!  I have also been working on him moving going AWAY from the other horses and he was doing horribly but last night I got him LB again by doing a ton of close range circles with slack in the rope.  He did REALLY good:)!  I've also been working on our bridleless riding and I can now do about anything with him bridleless w/ carrot stick and savvy string of course:)!!!!!  I can get him to back up with me just wiggling my legs, Lateral Flexion with my carrot stick, jump him 18-24 inches high, and a start of a spin:)!  I am sooo excited!  I won't post a video of it yet because we are still pretty uncoordinated:)!

Red and I have been working on mounting and dismounting, the 7 games, and some jumping from the ground:)!  He is slowly but surely getting better about everything...  The dismounting can sometimes still warrant a nasty look but we have pretty much fixed that:)!  lol!  Well I've gtg eat lunch:)!  ttyl!
~Savvy Out and God Bless~

Monday, August 24, 2009

Liberty HERE WE COME!!!!

Sonny and I are ready for liberty!!!!  YAY!!!!  I just REALLY need a round pen!  lol!  We have been working on transitions (walk to trot to canter and etc.) and Sonny has picked up on it sooo fast:).  Last night I also taught him how to bow:)!  He picked it up almost immediately.  He now is a bowing fiend!  Our changes of direction are coming along and we are going to start hill therapy soon because it is supposed to help his stifle.  Our sideways game has REALLY improved!  I got some REALLY nice and relaxed close range (with the rope dragging on the ground!) circles that took my breath away!
~Savvy Out and God Bless~

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Whoever said life was easy...

Was SO right;)!  I was going to post how BAD everything has been, but today Sonny and I just had a MAJOR breakthrough session:)!  YAY!!!!  I got, not 1, not 2, but 3 LAPS OF TROT on the 22'!!!!  I have figured out something.  He HATES the 12' for some odd reason.  The second I snapped the 22' on he was a TOTALLY different horse.  He became more extroverted and playful, he even offered me the trot!  AMAZING!!!  This is the horse that usually REFUSES to do the circling game at a walk much less a TROT!  I also got him to jump the stack of logs out by where the barn is going, it took a little while but I finally got him to understand that he WAS GOING to jump the logs:)!  I then let him off and jogged up to the house AND HE TROTTED AFTER ME!!!  I was SOOOO HAPPY!!!  We are also almost ready for liberty (We just need a round pen:)).  He does a VERY close range circling game with the rope dragging and his body arched nicely around me.  I can't wait for liberty:D!

Red and I have started working on the circling game, sideways game, and the squeeze game.  He has been doing REALLY good!  I got him to trot on the circle!  HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT!  He even offered it!  Yes you heard right my EXTREME LBI OFFERED a TROT!!!  I was sooo proud of him!  We then worked on him walking AWAY from Rambo.  After that I let him off.  Can't wait for what tomorrow brings:)!
~Savvy Out and God Bless~

Monday, August 17, 2009

RBE Blowout

Sonny had a REALLY LBE/RBE episode last night.  It had just stopped raining so I went out to play with him.  He was being a bit too playful so I ran inside to get my 22ft to keep him out.  I started the circling game and he TOOK off!!!  My usually LBE/LBI turned into a TOTAL RBE!  He took off towards his friends so I followed him and caught him and tried again, he did it again, again, and again...  I finally got smart and put his mind to work by doing the circling game and letting the rope get caught by trees and yo-yoing him 1 step back and then 1 forward and so on and so forth.  He got Left Brain again and so I let him off:).

I got Sonny and went through the pre-ride checklist and he passed so I hopped on.  His stifle locked a little bit so I did a million transitions and straight lines, he did pretty good.  He was being real sluggish so I got his energy up by asking him to go ssssslllllooooowwwww...  He started to want to go faster:D!

Red and I had fun riding.  We worked on do a nice, fast, rein swinging walk ALL the way around the ring, AND HE DID IT!!!  My LBI OFFERED a faster walk!!!!  Mind Boggling!  So I hopped off and worked on ponying him off Arby and I about got my arm jerked off.  He is a LBI so he is slow and Arby is a RBE so she is REALLY fast.  I should have thought about it but noooo Lauren just hopped on and hoped for the best *sigh* NOT a good decision!  Well its over now.

I've got to go watch this show that my mom wants me to watch that is why I shouldn't take drugs (which I never would)...
~Savvy Out and God Bless~

Sunday, August 16, 2009

WE HAVE INTERNET!!! And the Camp Movie

GUESS WHAT!!!!  WE HAVE INTERNET AT THE HOUSE!!!  YAY!  My dad FINALLY got an aircard!  I'm going to start trying to post on a regular basis now:).

The horses and I have been having a whole lot of fun:)!  We have been playing w/ freestyle more than anything:)!  lol!

I rode Red last night and man did we have a blast:)!!!!  I got him moving off my legs a bit better and I got him turning and backing up!  YAY!  I also almost got bucked off him:)!  lol!  Lexi took off jogging and Red decided he was going to have fun and take off a buckin'!  lol!  He only did 2 little halfhearted bucks before I got him under control, but still they were bucks none the less!  Usually when I ride him he is like an old broke horse.  Yesterday a car horn went off and HE DIDN'T EVEN FLINCH!  YAY RED!!!  I like caps lock:D!  lol!  When I played on the ground with him I could do "helicopter" over his head and the extreme friendly game w/out him flinching, unlike just a couple of weeks ago he almost ran me over when I tried to do it.

I rode Sonny around with his halter and 1 rein and he did SPECTACULAR!  We rode at a trot in LOTS of straight lines:).  When I worked with him on the ground I did some Stick-2-Me and driving game.  He did OK.  Not his best but he still did it.  We also worked on backing by the tail and he did REALLY well.

Here is the video I promised of the camp~

~Savvy Out and God Bless~

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Riding Red and Playing with Sonny

Hi y'all!  Sonny's stifle is locking AGAIN!!!  UGH!  Oh Well...  Lots of Cavelletti!  lol!

Well Sonny and I have been working on our circling and sideways games:).  I have figured out why our circling game was so horrid was because I was doing the phase 1 I have always done but Sonny decided that was a phase 2 or 3!  So I started to do an even softer phase 1, AND IT WORKED!!!  YAY!  He left at a trot and maintained the trot for 1 or 2 laps!  I have also been working on our freestyle and he is starting to round himself out and develop the self-carriage he used to have???  Confusing 'cause I am not asking him to round himself out...

Red and I have been doing well I rode him again yesterday with a rope halter, the 12' tied into reins (of course!  lol!), and bareback!  Wheeeeee!  I did it w/out a "leader/spotter" and he did really well.  By the end of the session I had him moving off a squeeze and a cluck.  He was bending well and turning fairly well for his 4th time riding:).  We had a lot of fun!
~Savvy Out and God Bless~

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Update and Fun

Hi!  Sorry I haven't updated in like FOREVER!!!  Been really busy and I haven't been able to work with the horses that much because of the heat, humidity, and I have been having issues with my left shoulder and neck:(!!!  I woke up Sunday morning crying at 5:30am and couldn't move without SEVERE pain.  It took me 1 HOUR to get out of bed and get my parents *sigh*.  Now I also have a bad head cold!!!!  UGH! But Oh well...

Sonny and I have been fixing our yo-yo game cause I hadn't been doing it in a while because he physically couldn't back up because of his stifle.  So instead I did a lot of trotting in straight lines and things like that.  But last night I FIXED THE YO-YO GAME!!!  YAY!  We have also been doing some sideways game and fixing his dominance issues 'cause they have reared their ugly head again *sigh*...

Red and I have been working on confidence issues.  We have done a WHOLE LOT of the touch-it pattern and just for fun I have been dragging things behind him because I want to teach him how to pull things when he stops growing *smiles* 'cause that would be LOTS of fun:)!  hehe!  We have also been doing the principle games and the yo-yo game:)!

Arby and I have been sorting out who is the boss and "impulsion" issues.  She likes to take off, tends to jig in place, and throws little "hissy" fits when told she can't go be with her "friends":).  FUN!  We have been having a little success...

Rambo and I have been playing around with point to point to help with his impulsion:)!  Hailey has been working on the principle games with him and he is doing pretty good with them:)!

I'm making a movie of the camp and should have it up in 1-3 weeks;D!  Hope y'all will like it :)!
~Savvy Out and God Bless~

Friday, August 7, 2009

THE PATTERNS CAME IN!!! And a case of LBIness...

Hi!  Whats up?  I GOT MY ONLINE PATTERNS!!!! YAY!!!  I am SOOOO excited!  It was worth the 75.00$ I paid but NOT the 143.00$ they're charging when it is not on sale.  I did the figure 8 patterns with Sonny and we are already, after only 2 times of doing it, at level 2!!!  I am going to do my level 1/2 audition in a couple of weeks/months because I want to try to get 1++ or AT LEAST 1+'s.  And it is also EXPENSIVE!!!  I may do it after Christmas because I am already begging for the savvy club membership from my grandparents for Christmas:)! lol!  And I get 100$ from my other grandparents for Christmas so I'll use that money on the Audition(s):D.  Hehehe!  I'll post about the camp when I have time because it will take a LONG TIME to post about it all:)!  Well here are some updates~
We have been working on his figure 8's and Stick-2-Me and now AT LIBERTY we can do a walk and trot!  YAY!  I am soooo excited!!!
We have been playing the yo-yo game and working on lightness during the driving and porcupine games because right now he is VERY VERY non responsive *sighs* .  He has also turned COMPLETELY 100% LBI/RBI online when I play "tag" with him he is COMPLETELY LBE but the second a line gets snapped on him he turns LBI...  Hints anyone???
~Savvy Out and God Bless~

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Update, Horse Camp, and FUN!

Hey! How is everyone? I have been SOOOO busy preparing for a camp that we are doing on our property that starts TOMORROW at 9am!!!! I have 2 helpers and 10 KIDS from the ages of 6-13!!!!! BUSY!!!! Well hers whats up with Sonny and me~
We have gotten REALLY bored of the seven games and I think that as soon as I work the kinks out of his circleing and squeeze game we can send our level 1 audition in! YAY! Well, we have already started playing in level 2 cause we are BORED TO DEATH with level 1! I am starting to teach him how to do carrot stick riding and backing by the tail... We have been focusing more on riding because he needs to get back in shape so his stifle stops "locking" and the only way to REALLY get him in shape is by riding him hard and doing some collecting and cavelletti's. Oh, I have also found his ABSOLUTE FAVORITE spot to be scratched.... INSIDE HIS EAR!!! Not down it but still inside it! He acts like a dog and leans into it!
We have been just moseying around and getting him to trust me more:)!

A Good Poem...

When you run so fast to get somewhere
you miss half the fun of getting there
if you worry and hurry through your day
it's like an unopened gift
thrown away
Life is not a race
Do take is slower
hear the music
before the song is over."