My Dream

It All Starts with a Dream...

I have a dream.  A dream that not many 14 year olds have.  It's not to save the world.  Or have kids (although I'd like to when I'm older and married).  It's to stay pure till I'm married (no kissing and etc.  A hard thing nowadays.) and to help abused women, children, and teens that bounce from place to place to find a home.  A place they BELONG.  Where they feel loved for maybe the first time in their lives.  This place would be called Elrad.  Which in Hebrew means God is the Ruler.  This place will be a place to worship the Holy Trinity- God (Yahweh), Jesus (Yeshua) and the Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha-Kodesh).  A place to comfort.  A place where everyone will barely notice a suffered wrong.  A place where I will rescue horses and use the battered women, children, and foster children to turn those horses, and children's, lives around.  To help me achieve this goal I'm working with my two AMAZING partners and my sister's RBI/LBI and her RBE.  Check out the 'About My Horses' to learn about my partners.  There are also two little girls that are helping me on my journey.  My students, Sarah and Jasmine.  They help me put my muddled thought processes into words and etc.  If you'd like to learn more about ME Check out the 'About Lauren' page...

A Good Poem...

When you run so fast to get somewhere
you miss half the fun of getting there
if you worry and hurry through your day
it's like an unopened gift
thrown away
Life is not a race
Do take is slower
hear the music
before the song is over."