Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Play Session The Other Day (2-24-10)

G'Day Mates!  How are all of y'all?  Well I hope!  I haven't been working with Sonny and Toby much because I was grounded from doing anything but feeding for a while :|.  I was really behind in school...  Like a month in some subs *cheeks flame bright red*.  But I got caught up in like 2 days (but was grounded for a week or 2)!  And I'm in, like, 10th grade!


I played online with him by trying to get him *almost* to the end of the 45' while maintaining a connection.  He did pretty good if I do say so myself...  He was able to go and stand on whatever he decided I *might* want him to stand on with confidence :).  Ever since I taught him how to get onto the pedestal that's ALL he wants to do!  If he can stand on it stand on it he does :}!
Then I did some extreme friendly.  He was, of course, GREAT at it :}!  After that I let him off and we played at...

I'm SO SO SO SO SO SOOOOO happy Sonny and I are finally at the point where I can play at Liberty in the middle of our property (wothout a round-pen mind you!) with my little sister playing with Rambo!  I got him to do a spin!  Woo Woo!  I can't even get him to do that online so I was excited to put it lightly!  I played around with our circling and driving and porcupine...  He did everything I asked him to at a phase 1 or 2.  Woo Woo!  Then we played with our...

I didn't do much besides hop on and work on our figure 8 WITHOUT a stick or string!  He did pretty good so after 1 figure 8 we quit and just sat watching and coaching my little sister with her *new* gelding, Rambo (for all of you new to this blog we've had Rambo for a while ;) It's only that he JUST got gelded Tuesday) :D!  If you want to hear about his gelding check it out here.


We worked on NOT bucking during the circling game and getting a TROT no matter how slow while circling!  That took a while to put it lightly!  Then when I worked with him yesterday he did the same bucking thing but it was an 'I'm scared' type of thing so we had to figure that out...  Sounds like fun, eh?  But other than that we've been doin' good :).

I got him to walk by barely touching him!  YAY Toby!  Since he's still only 2 we haven't been doin' much Freestyle work besides putsing around the property...


We worked on our touch-it game, our porcupine, our driving, and our yo-yo games.  It was fun!  And hard!  I never understood Rambo before now.  I first had to understand Sonny, then I had to understand Arby, then I had to understand Toby before I could even begin to understand Rambo!  So I worked on his confidence :).  He is definitly a RBI.  To the max!  So I've been figuring him out lately.


We played with getting LB and getting caught.  Tons of fun!  NOT!  lol!  But at the end Hailey could get her LB and *most* of the time catch her without too much fuss (as in no running around for 30min instead only trotting a couple of yards before stopping so you could catch her).  Then we let her go roll and torment the poor boys... *Sigh*

I *might* do a picture post sometime this week :).  I just have to get someone to take them for me :}!

~Shalom, Savvy Out, and God Bless~

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rambo's Gelding *GRAPHIC PICTURES*

So I'll tell you Rambo's gelding in pictures :)!

Knocked out (and Anna Grace watching)!

Knocked out with mother hen (Toby) nearby :)

Taking out the first one...

And then the second!

Here we all are about to puke!  Literally!
 That's all for now!  In a minute (later today) I'll post about my play session yesterday!
~Shalom, Savvy Out, and God Bless~

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Prayer... And RIP Cooper

Cooper was put down...  He had a brain issue.  He bit my dad TWICE!  He was only 2 years old.  God I miss him.  I'm crying as I write this.  We might get a pug-a-poo though...  But it will NEVER replace Cooper.  So I probably won't be on much.  My great grandma is REALLY sick and the chemo will/might kill her.  My great grandpa is losing it mentally.  And Cooper was put down yesterday.  I keep expecting him to come and say hello, howl, or get out.  It was so bad that the vet that my grandparents used for their dogs since my mom was little wouldn't let my dad leave the clinic w/out putting him down.  This is NOT what Cooper was normally like.  He had a degenerative condition that caused him to get aggressive and would have made him die a very horrible and painful death in a couple of years.  I can't write anymore.  It hurts to much...
~Shalom, Savvy Out, and God Bless~

PS:  I need a LOT of prayer.  I feel like I'm hitting rock bottom again

Friday, February 5, 2010

L4 here we come!

I just looked at the self assessment and Sonny and I are now playing in L4 in Freestyle and Online!  YAY!  Dad and I put in the floor for our 'feed' shed ;last weekend and we'll put the walls up this weekend.  Then we'll put the the roof on, then the round pen gets put up!  Woo Woo!  I haven't been able to play THAT much with the horses b/c of school :(.  I've had a bunch of finals.  But I did ride Wednesday after school!  We jumped and played with Finesse.  I got him bringing his back into the saddle!  Pretty cool, eh?
Toby and I have been playing with our freestyle and online.  We are *almost* done with L1 (finally).  But other than that not much has happened.
~Shalom, Savvy Out, and God Bless~

A Good Poem...

When you run so fast to get somewhere
you miss half the fun of getting there
if you worry and hurry through your day
it's like an unopened gift
thrown away
Life is not a race
Do take is slower
hear the music
before the song is over."