Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Contest! WOO HOO! Check it out! You'll SO want to enter!

I've decided....  We're goin' to have a contest!!!!  Woo Hoo!  The prize will be a header and/or a blog button!  I have photoshop so I'll leave my email and if you'll just email me (if you win) some pics I'll photoshop (or picnik) them and, if you want, I'll make a header with a bunch pics, or I can make a collage, OR I can do something like what I did as my header...  Well enough of that.  Here is what y'all have to do~

1) Come up with a show name for Red.
I've already decided that his barn name will be Tobias, a Hebrew name which means Goodness of God, or Toby for short.

2) I want (need) Tobias to be somewhere in his show name.

3) The name needs to be original, fun, and appropriate

4) The name needs to fit him.
Look at his page to (About Tobias (Toby) ) to learn about him.

5) The ending date is November 14th

6) I'd like the name to mean something...  A hidden meaning, like words in a different language (preferably Hebrew but any would do :) )

7) Comment with your answer :)!
I may not approve any of them until *after* the contest ;)!

That's all!  Have Fun and go at it!
Here is my email (only email me if you win or need help :D)~
~Shalom, Savvy Out, and God Bless~

Tips: I like Z's as the beginning letter ;)!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Maybe a contest (if enough people say they'll participate) for a new name for Red

'Ello!  So I was thinking about changing Red's name...  I've already decided his barn name will be Brock (if I change his name...) .  Comment with a show name (when I hold the contest) that will go with it and I may have a prize for whoever wins (after my computer gets fixed...).  I'll hold the contest in a few days if enough people comment and say they'll do it...  I may do it anyway :P!  So COMMENT!!!!!!  I'm also going to *try* to post EVERY-TIME I play with the horses.  I think I'll remember now that I'm on a schedule that seems to be working for me :).  Hope ALL of y'all will comment!
~Savvy Out and God Bless~

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pictures, Update, and FUN!

Wha'z up?  Sorry I haven't posted in FOREVER!!!!  I've been extremely busy :).  I'll update after I post some pics from a photo shoot mom did with Red and I the other day...

As you can see I've been editing up a storm.  hehe!  It was a lotta fun though!  Okay, I'll update now~

Sonny and I have been working on our finesse a lot.  It's been going pretty good if I do say so myself!  The only thing I can complain about is his immune system :).  He has an overactive immune system so he is allergic to *3* types of flies!  I'll post a vid in a couple of days...  I've been working on the online patterns and he's doing pretty well with them.  I've been sick lately so I haven't done a WHOLE lot.

Red and I have been working on our freestyle and a little online.  We now have him moving off of a squeeze or light bump!  YAY!  I've been more particular about him being shoulder to shoulder to me so he now does a partly energetic walk.  YAY (again) !  We had to have the vet out twice in a week for him though...  He had an impaction colic Monday night and Friday morning he ripped his nose open on our neighbors barbed wire fence and had to get stitches...  Poor guy!  So it's been kinda stressful!

In a couple of days I'll make a post of when my old trainer, Jamie, came down!  I don't have time right now but it was soooooo FUN!!!!  gtg!
~Savvy Out and God Bless~

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm ALIVE!!! And I made a movie! lol!

I'm Alive!!!!!!  Sorry I didn't update like I said I would but things have been SUPER busy!  Well I made a video of me and Sonny messing around that I made a couple of weeks ago but JUST got around to uploading!  Well here it is~

I hope y'all liked it!  Ok now I'll update~

Sonny and I have been working on our changes of direction and they have gotten TONS better than in the vid!  Last time I worked with him I got a couple flying changes!  YAY!  He also now does rollbacks as his changes of direction!  lol!  Oh and GUESS WHAT!  As y'all know Sonny and I haven't been able to do much liberty because we don't have a round pen...  Well we STILL don't have a round pen *BUT* we can do the circling game at liberty!  So far we only do it at a walk but we can also do changes of direction at the walk too!  YAY!  I'm SOOOOOOOO excited!  lol!  I am also, starting Monday, am going to, till the end of October, at least, work on our extremely broken sideways game for 10min each and every day to see if I can fix it :).  So pray from me please!  I have an extremely hard time sticking to schedules!  So please pray!  Thanx!

Red and I have been mostly just hangin' out.  I've hopped on him a few times while he was eating grass and he was *bbb!  This is the horse that just a couple of months ago would BUCK and try to attack you if you jumped on him or next to him :O!  I never blogged about when he was doing that because its kinda embarrassing...  lol!  Actually that is why I never really updated about him in the past because he scared me!  Now we are having a WHOLE lotta fun!  lol!

I've gtg!  ttyl!
~Shalom, Savvy Out and God Bless~

*Bareback and Bridleless

A Good Poem...

When you run so fast to get somewhere
you miss half the fun of getting there
if you worry and hurry through your day
it's like an unopened gift
thrown away
Life is not a race
Do take is slower
hear the music
before the song is over."