Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to me... And I worked with Toby...

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy birthday dear me-e,
Happy Birthday to me!

I'm fifteen (or my b-day was yesterday) and I feel no different...  But, I got an HP laptop computer, The Carolyn Resnick Method, Naked Liberty (a horse book by Carolynn Resnick ;}), 40$ Kindle gift card, some old earings of my great grandma's, a day out shopping, lunch, and movie with my dad's mom, money, iTunes gift cards, clothes (ugh), pj's, razors (a haha joke between me and my sister.  We have issues with others using our razors so she got me a purple one ;) ), air heads, a glow-in-the-dark puzzle, a water bottle, and beef jerky (yum!).  I love being 15 ;).

Oh, and as an afterthought, I worked with Tob's day before yesterday :).It started out I was just going to paint him with fingerpaints but then I decided I might as well play with him ;).  It started out bad (I only had a neckrope on and he took off and ripped it out of my hands) but once I switched to a halter and did loads of falling leaf till he was LB he was good :).  We walked across the pasture and I checked him to make sure he was still with me, he was, so I let him off.  He stayed connected but then I had to run to see what mom needed...  I'm glad I let him off when I did and didn't push him more :).  It had him confused ;).

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A Good Poem...

When you run so fast to get somewhere
you miss half the fun of getting there
if you worry and hurry through your day
it's like an unopened gift
thrown away
Life is not a race
Do take is slower
hear the music
before the song is over."