Thursday, January 6, 2011

Goals for the month of January

So, I decided to post goals once a month and once a week.  I think it'll help me keep on task and these goals will come into effect tomorrow.  I felt that if I posted them I would feel like I *had* to accomplish them because I had told others them :).  Enjoy!

Goals for the month of January:

Everyday Things:
     -finish school on time everyday
     -get grades turned in
     -wake up at 4am (instead of 5am like I've been doing) in order to do my Quiet Time without everyone disturbing me
     -work with both Sonny *and* Toby everyday or every other day
     -work up a schedule
     -make sure 'V' is set to TeVo
     -get needed equipment for my 'rider exercises'
     -start doing my 'rider exercises' everyday to get myself in shape for when Sonny and Toby are in shape and ready to be ridden again
     -'Bling' my Kindle skin
     -start sketching
     -print out photo's to put into frames and my corkboard thing
     -start managing my time better
Blog Designing/Writing:
     -finish designing 'Beautiful Hope'
     -sharpen my blog designing skills
     -blog daily
     -start writing again
     -start using my sewing machine more
     -sew Sammy a dog bed to match my room
     -hem the sewing table's tablecloth
     -buy materials for cloak and sew cloak
     -sew Hailey's saddle cover
     -crochet Anna Grace's soaker cover
     -knit and crochet blanket
Furthering Knowlege via DVD's, books, CD's, etc:
     -watch all of the freestyle and Finesse DVD's
     -rewatch Success Series
     -watch Carolyn Resnick vids when they come in
     -finish Mark Rashid's book 'Whole Heart, Whole Horse'
     -read Carolyn Resnick's 'Naked Liberty'
     -read Mark Rashid's book 'Horses Never Lie'
     -buy more Mark Rashid books for the Kindle
Handy Woman's Work:
     -figure out how to use the scraps and make some jumps and obstacles
     -beg dad to show me how to use a saw
     -paint said jumps with leftover paint from house
     -get Papa to put up roundpen (LAST year's b-day present) BEFORE or close after my b-day (9th of Jan)
     -get barn into order
     -help dad put shelves up for tack
     -figure out how to fix and then fix attic door
     -barefoot hoof trimming
     -Blog Design
     -how to make a loom
     -cheese making
Medical and Caretaking:
     -start new herbal dewormer
     -read herbology book
     -learn to be more proactive
     -learn to use my imagination
     -start using featherlights as a cordeo and rope
     -start waterhole rituals

For Sonny and Toby:
     -start waterhole rituals
     -practice without halter and only cordeo
     -use my imagination
     -play with the horse that shows up
     -read him *super* closely
     -work on Z5 driving for Sonny and try starting with Toby
     -work on loose, connected, engaged walk and maybe trot circle with lots of slack on cordeo rope
     -start building up their backs to prepare for riding

For Rambo:
     -have Hailey start waterhole rituals
Online (teach all of this in Hailey's lessons)-
     -loose, connected walk circle on 12'
     -finish L1
     -work on his walk/trot tansitions
     -if comfortable start Z5 driving with two reins
     -buy Hailey 22' featherlights for her b-day so she leaves mine alone

For Arby:
-n/a until she gains a little bit more weight...

For Goats:
-work on their feet
-give them a trim

Sammy (chihuahua):
-bring him out every hour
-work on heel, sit, and stay
-bathe him!

Big Dogs (Jake and Levi):
-hang with them


Abigail said...

Great goals, girl! :)
See ya Monday!

Giving GOD the Glory!

P.S Did you get the email I sent you a few days ago?

Lauren (aka McMurray) said...

Thanks! See you too :). And no I didn't get your email :).


A Good Poem...

When you run so fast to get somewhere
you miss half the fun of getting there
if you worry and hurry through your day
it's like an unopened gift
thrown away
Life is not a race
Do take is slower
hear the music
before the song is over."